5 year anniversary

Thanks to all of you my friends

who are with me this years and to every one of you who was with me in every single moment!

Thanks to breeders of my first breeding females:

Audra Stanioniene for Meta Sedula

Nadezda Krilova for Delkatina Afina Pallada

Natalia Injakina & Elena Kozhevnikova  for Huston iz Palevyh Buldogov 

Thanks to owners of studs who believed me and made my dreams come true:

Jana Švihova, Elena Kozhevnikova, Nadezda Krilova, Ivana Lipenska, Ludmila Ferubko, Diana Kissne-Kiss, Danielius Šeibakas, Ilma Liu, Antra Vilcāne, Pierre Bessing!!!

Thanks to co–owners of litters for big job, patience, care and love of puppies:

My mom Marija, Jelena Yevdokimova, Daina Sudraba, Gunita Ķīle-Sisene, Solvita Štelmahere!!!

Thanks to vet Ilona Tesloviča  who are with my kennel  from year 2008!

I'm happy we are not going to Ilone oftenly :) 

All of us must to say Thanks to her because she is allways with us in birth, on-site or off-site!

Thanks to instructors of my dogs

Maija Sila, Viktoria Kenigsvalde !

Thanks to handlers of my dogs:

The best handler in the wolrd - my daughter Evija! She have so much patience, care and love with every single dog! 

My son Eduards and Katrīna Sproģe!

Thanks to photographers of my dogs:

Jolanta Beinarovicha, Tessa

Thanks to Latvijas Kinoloģiskā Federācija for support in the very begining in my breeding! And for all your work in the office every day!

Thanks to club members from Latvian Swiss Mountain Dogs Club and National Bulldog and Boston Terriers Club for support! 

Thanks to all friends from other breeds and to all my friends who don't even have a dog for support and  your friendship!

And last but not least!

All of this would have been nothing without you our owners! 

Thanks to all of you my dear owners of our sweet puppies! 

Some of you are my best friends now!

Some of you call me or write about your new experience with your new friend or ask about your problems.

Some of your send pictures.

Some of you going with me to shows and we spend a lot of time there together. 

Some of you added our dogs to your breeding line.

Some of you starting your own breeding line.

Some of you don't need to contact with me.

But I'm sure that every one of you love your dog from the bottom of your heart! :)

And I'm sure next years will be very nice to all of us my friends!

With big love to all of you in every place in the world


P.S. Sorry there are not a lot of pictures! But you can see all in our website ;)

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