Virtual Match Dog Show

29.03. - 19.04.

Virtual Match Dog Show ( Tartu Trennid)

At this time, when we don't have dog shows because of lockdown,

we was happy to participate in Virtual Dog Show!

Big hugs to all our friends for giving vote!!!



from all veteran females of FCI 9.group

excellent, 4th best veteran female!

Happy she is in excellent shape, good mood and moving well in her 11,5 years!

Club Top GSMD'2019

Latvian Swiss Mountain Dogs Club

Top GSMD 2019 the 5th place!!!



Congratulations Solvita!!!


Unbelievable, wonderfull girl!! 

Four years in row Club Wiinner!!!

She started as Club Junior Wiinner'2015, judge Ligita Zake (LV)

Club Winner' 2016, BOS, judge George Schogol (Georgia)

Club Winner' 2017, BOB, BISS I , judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz (Poland)

Club Winner 2018' BOB, BISS III, judge Kristina Kovale (LV)

Club Winner' 2019 BOS, judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain)


Out of our beloved Meafiton Bose &

Rammstein from Swiss Star